A Perfect Sunday Morning in Beds : Thurleigh

We were thrilled to be joined by nearly one hundred and twenty people when we led a heritage walk around the WW2 airfield at Thurleigh in Bedfordshire.

The historic airfield at Thurleigh was home to the 306th Bomb Group of the 8th USAAF during World War Two.

The walk began with an exhibition, on Sunday 4 October, at Thurleigh Village Hall and along the way we took in some of the living quarter sites and the airfield itself,explaining the history behind the archaeology. We also shared the story of earlier usages of the site, dating back to the Roman period.

A number of local people remembered working on the site following the war. What’s more, one visitor brought along information about his grandparents, his grandfather being stationed at Thurleigh with the 8th USAAF.

The feedback to the walk has been great and we’d like to thank all those who made this event such a success, especially Thurleigh Village Hall, Ralph at the Museum and Nigel Perry who worked hard on the ground to help plan and organise the event. Thank you.

Many thanks for an enjoyable airfield walk at Thurleigh, I would definitely be interested in any future walks that you organise.
It’s great that that groups such as yourselves keep the history of these airfields alive so that we can remember the impact  that they had on the local community and the sacrifices made by the airmen who lost their lives.
Thanks for organising, it was a great walk, with a fantastic turn out.
What an absolutely ace day with @8thEast, walking round Thurleigh airfield

The 306th Bomb Group Museum was also open on the day for visitors and a great number of people journey to the site following the walk. If you’d like to visit another time, the museum is located on the Bedford Technology Park which is signposted from the village hall.

And if you’d like to volunteer to help us deliver event’s like this in the future then please drop us a line for further information