Audio Visual

The audio visual section of the learning pack consists of original WW2 film footage, and later made documentaries. Many of the original films are silent, though some are in colour. The GIs were keen on filming and had easier access to colour photography and film than the British did at the time.

Thorpe Abbotts (1944 Silent Film)


Joe Louis arrives on an airbase in East Anglia to meet members of the African-American Engineering Battalion stationed in the region.  The film provides excellent footage of the servicemen meeting Joe Louis from his plane – it beautifully demonstrates their excitement and pride in meeting their hero.

Three Fronts by Lilli Bernard

A short film where African-American veterans discuss the racism they experienced during the war and how the narrative of the Black GIs has become a hidden history.

African- American Soldiers in WW2

A film that addresses racism and segregation in the American Air forces and the impact it had on Britain. The film contains archival images of Africa-American GIs in Britain with oral histories with GIs and English people who witnessed the racism.

Joe Louis Vs Max Schemling

This short film looks at the significance of the fight that took place between a German and an African-American boxer during WW2.

Land Girls of WW2

A silent film that shows the land girls at work