Fact Sheets.

The fact sheets below have been developed to support our Oral History programme. Each gives an overview of our volunteer roles and how to enable you to professionally record oral history testimonies.

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The fact sheets are free to use by individuals and other community organisations. They are the property of New Heritage Solutions Ci.c and can not be sold or used for commercial purposes. The information has been developed with support from the Norfolk Record Office.


  • A coordinator is the volunteer  who supports other volunteers with the creation, management and transfer of digital audio content, including matching interviewers to interviewees and liaising with Eighth in the East team members when necessary .

Coordinator Training Document PDF(1)


  • An interviewer is the volunteer who travels to the interviewee and conducts the interview.
  • They are responsible for using the oral history equipment provided to them by the project according to training, and then uploading their recordings to the project Dropbox.

Interviewer Training Document PDF


  • A summariser is responsible for downloading the original version of the recording and creating a concise summary in accordance with stylistic guidelines set out by Eighth in the East.
  • This summary is deposited at the Norfolk Record Office with the master copy of the recorded interview to enable researchers to quickly access the content of the interview without having to listen to the whole recording, or read a whole transcript.

Summariser Training Document PDF


  • A technician is responsible for editing the master copies of the recordings to create playback masters, and access copies in two different formats for the project to ensure maximum accessibility and that high quality audio is deposited at the Norfolk Record Office at the end of the project.

Technician Training Document PDF

Permission Form

It is important that the person who you are recording is fully aware of the potential future uses of their testimony and that they give to you permission to use this recording.

Oral History Contributor Permission Form

It is possible for a volunteer to perform a number of roles.