Gorseland Primary explore the ‘Friendly Invasion’ at Marltesham Heath

The children really enjoyed the day, and it was a good mix of activities for them to get involved in.

Mr Davies – Year Six Teacher 

On Tuesday 17th March, the Eighth in the East team headed over to Gorseland Primary at Martlesham Heath to work with two classes in year six.

The day was split up into two different sections. The first entailed an ‘in school’ session where the students looked into the background of the ‘Friendly Invasion’ and the way that the Eighth American Air Force profoundly impacted the area in and around Martlesham Heath.

Students took part in a variety of activities, from map work, to reading original diary entries, to group discussions on the social and landscape impact of the American presence in the local area. The ‘in school’ session ended with students writing their own pieces of V-Mail, assuming the character of an American Serviceman at Martlesham. Here are two of our favourite pieces.

IMG_0114 V-Mail Marltesham 2 IMG_0108 - V-mail Martlesham

The second part of the day took part at Martlesham Heath Aviation Society. Students were given a talk by the members who kindly opened up for the day and then allowed the students to have a look around. Having had a chance to look around the old control tower the students were taken on a tour of the old airfield site by Eighth in the East’s Community Archeologist Martin.

The day allowed students an exciting and diverse insight into a truly pivotal moment in their local history. If you are interested in any other up and coming school events, or are interested in the project coming and working in a school in your local area, do not hesitate to contact our Learning Manager Annie Sommazzi via [email protected]

And a big thank you to all the great volunteers at the Martlesham Heath Aviation Society & Control Tower Museum for making this event possible.