New Research On Mixed Race Legacy


Hot on the heels of Kit Jackson’s question about family planning comes this from Dr Lucy Bland.

I am an historian at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, writing a book about the children of African-American GIs and British women born in World War 11. During the war, approximately 133,000 black GIs were stationed over here, and many had relationships with local women. It is estimated that these relationships resulted in the birth of about 1,700 mixed race babies. The segregated American army invariably forbid the marriage of black GIs and British white women, and although some of the children were kept by their mothers, others were placed in children’s homes. There has been little study of such children and I would like to interview as many as I can find who are willing to talk about their early experiences. So if you know of someone born to a black GI and a British woman during the war, please get in touch.

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