Ready, Set, Record… Oral History Volunteers Required

Have you ever wanted to find out more about the lives of the people who live down your street?  Do you want to help record their stories for future generations?

If so, we’ve got an oral history volunteering opportunity you can’t afford to miss!

We need good listeners of all ages,  regardless of experience or preexisting knowledge,  to help us record the testimonies of the characters who were witnesses to the Americans in East Anglia in the Second World War.

We’ll take you through each stage of the process and provide you with all the equipment and professional-led training you’ll need to get started. Volunteers can expect to develop many new skills during the process, including an introduction to interviewing and transcribing techniques, and gaining experience in audio recording within the exciting world of oral history. 

It’s a fantastic and flexible way to give back to your community, and a chance to meet new people whilst finding out the answers to the questions you never even knew you had!

If you’d like to sign up on the spot, or if you’d like to find out more,  drop us a line here and we’ll get back to you with all the information you’ll need.


Or perhaps you have a story or memory you’d like share with us?
We want to hear all about wartime experiences with the Americans so we can paint a picture of everyday life during the ‘friendly invasion’. If you think you might have a tale to tell, or have a relative or friend who does, 
let us know.