Dr Lucy Bland & the children of Black Americans – 8th East podcast

Our very first Eighth in the East podcast features Dr. Lucy Bland, who teaches history at Anglia Ruskin University.

Lucy talks about her work researching the forgotten story of the children of Black US service personnel and white british mothers following WW2.

Unlike their white American counterparts, black American servicemen could not marry their white British girlfriends. This was as over 30 states back home in the US had laws in place which made interracial marriage illegal. The mothers and children faced many challenges at the time and the legacy of this is still felt by those children today.

Dr Lucy Bland will be joining us for our special black history event – ‘Remember when Joe Louis came to town‘, on 11th June in Stowmarket, Suffolk.

If you have any information about this important part of our social history then please get in touch with the team.