Remember the Yanks?


Do you have memories of helping your mother do the laundry for American servicemen like Nancy Savage, pictured here aged 12? Or did and your buddies take a job on an airfield straight-out of school like G R Gower?



Perhaps you recall showing a G.I. Joe to the nearest pub, and sharing a pint of the finest East Anglian beer with him?



Would we have spotted you pestering American servicemen for candy?



Do you hold the key to understanding the stories contained within the walls of the buildings we’ve been recording in locations such as Thorpe Abbotts and Old Buckenham?

No matter what you got up to in East Anglia during the Second World War,  we’d love to hear all about it and record your side of the ‘friendly invasion’ so that we can preserve this invaluable testimony for future generations!

You can get involved by sharing your stories and memories with us, or by pointing us in the direction of someone you know who might have something to share-  so please drop us a line if you can help, and we’ll let you know all about the recording process!


Alternatively,  if you’d like to have a go at recording some oral history,  see here for more details about our training program!